MaqPro Fard Crème Native4 Natural Foundation 10-Color Combination Palette


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Product Features

*What's the difference between Native2 & Native4?

This most frequently asked question is actually that Native2 has two bright colors (2006 & 2007)

And Native4 has a golden highlight (2007) and a blush (145), that's the difference!


Steps for usage


How to use Fard Crème 

  1. Wipe your face with toner to cleanse your face while moisturizing your skin. 

  2. Use lotion or makeup primer (Makeup Mixer), squeeze out an appropriate amount (about the size of a five-dollar coin) in the palms of your hands, massage the entire face until absorbed, and then start the follow-up makeup.

      *The more moisturizing before makeup, the better, the amount that the skin can absorb is the main thing. It is very important to achieve complete absorption by massaging.
  3. After Makeup Mixer, apply sunscreen and massage evenly over the entire face. 

  4. You can use a sterilized spatula to scoop out the Fard Crème (about the amount of a soybean), put it on the back of your hand and stir it repeatedly with the spatula. The temperature of the hand can naturally soften the Fard Crème. At this time, the Fard Crème will be like peanut butter. Just as smooth, you can apply Fard Crème with your fingers or a brush. 

  5. Where you need concealer, you can stack a small amount multiple times. 

  6. After applying makeup with your fingers or a brush, you can use the disposable sponge to press over your face for an even finish. 

  7. After Fard Crème is finished, press the powder to set it all over the face.
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