Meizhoushike 美粥食客 Chia Seed and Nut Lotus Instant Soup (500g)


Net Weight: 500g

Food Name: Chia Seed Nut Lotus Root Noodle Soup
Ingredients: instant lotus root powder, chia seeds, red dates slices, black sesame seeds, hawthorn slices, melon seeds, cranberries, cashews, raisins
Net content: 500g canned

Product Category: Convenience Meal Replacement Food Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place. This product does not contain preservatives. After opening, consume it as soon as possible. The shelf life is 180 days. Please consume it within 45 days after opening. A small amount of clumping is normal. .

How to eat:

1. Suitable for breakfast, dinner, extra meal, supper or meal replacement 2. Add an appropriate amount of warm water and stir well to enjoy. The brewing concentration can be adjusted according to personal taste requirements

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