MERIDA Matts 7.3

By Merida
Color: Gray

The height of the head tube is increased, the upper tube is more inclined, the upper body riding posture is straight and comfortable, and the field of view is wider and deeper and safer. MATTS models provide the most stress-free riding experience. 

650B or 26" wheel diameter
Depending on the model or frame size, MATTS cars have different wheel configurations of 650B or 26". All high-end MATTS models use 650B wheels, which improves off-road capability; mid-range models are equipped with 26" wheels and have relatively excellent acceleration capabilities. ; The entry model of MATTS 10-V, regardless of frame size, are all equipped with 26" wheels.

Hydraulic Disc Brake System
All models except traditional V brakes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes with excellent braking performance. The braking force can be handled more safely, and the brake feel will not be affected by pipeline deformation. The braking performance in rainy days is also more stable and maintenance. Maintenance is less difficult.

Multifunctional expansion
The MATTS frame is designed with bottle cages, rear fenders, rear racks, and exclusive screw fixing lock holes for the parking side pillars. According to the needs of the car, it can be instantly transformed into a good partner for commuting to get off work!

MATTS-brand persistence
With 47 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in aluminum alloy welding, each aluminum alloy frame represents the persistence and confidence of the brand. The MATTS evergreen car series can be said to be the technological confluence of the MERIDA brand history.