By Merida

The riding geometry of ONE-FORTY is planned by referring to the domain of ENDURO. The 435mm chainstay increases the flexibility and the fun of forest roads; the excellently balanced reach REACH, low center of gravity frame structure, with a short faucet and wide handlebars, this is a model that is very suitable for use in the forest road environment in Taiwan Interesting car models.

The lower locking point of the rear shock absorber is floating, which will change the position following the compression of the rear triangle, which can improve the shock absorber performance and pedaling efficiency, and the lever ratio can be adjusted to a better setting, the shock absorber sensitivity is improved, and the middle section The support of the stroke is better. The floating link suspension platform can reduce the bottoming situation, and the benefits of uphill can be further evolved, and it will feel that it is not only an experience of 120mm travel.

The trunnion design can shorten the distance between the upper and lower suspension lock points, but the stroke itself can be longer; the upper lock point adopts a bearing bush, which is more sensitive and the overall performance is more conducive to the design of a better car A shock-absorbing platform.

Simple, durable, and efficient. In addition, the 1X transmission system is one of the heroes of lightweight, and it has enough gear ratio range. The chainstays can therefore be shortened, and the handling fun has been upgraded to better cope with today's track design.

ONE-FORTY can accommodate 2.6” 650B wide tires, which is more suitable for cycling. Large tires not only upgrade the grip, but also provide better comfort. The overall handling and riding can get a better experience.

The pipeline and the line stop bolt enter the frame and tighten the bracing, so that no abnormal sound will be generated by knocking on the frame during riding. The thread stop bolt can be replaced with special models such as electronic transmission, hydraulic pipeline, brake pipeline or transmission pipeline.

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