MR. BROWN Brown Coffee 240ml


Product features: Brown coffee is a blended coffee made by blending an appropriate amount of coffee, milk, and sugar. Brown coffee is a high-quality blended coffee produced by the Golden Car Company, which is roasted, extracted, and canned. To present the best quality to consumers, it is suitable for hot and cold drinking.

- Ingredients: water, sugar, milk powder, coffee, sodium bicarbonate, emulsifier ( sucrose fatty acid ester ) , soy lecithin

This product contains dairy products and soy products

Caffeine : 53mg / 100ml

Contents: 240 mL x 6 cans

Nutrition label

240 ml per serving 

This package contains 1   serving


Per serving

Per 100ml


104   kcal

43  kcal


3.1  grams

1.3 grams


1.4  grams

0.6 grams

  Saturated fat

1.0  g

0.4 grams

  Trans fat

0    grams

0   grams


19.7 grams

8.2 grams


17.0  g

7.1  grams


96  mg

40  mg

Shake well before drinking; drink immediately after opening

If the milk fat rises after opening the can, it is a natural phenomenon and will not affect the quality. Please feel free to drink

Do not put canned coffee on the fire or directly heated in the microwave to avoid danger

Please keep the temperature below 55  for heat preservation , and do not exceed 3 days, please drink the product immediately after heat preservation

Passed FSSC 22000/HACCP/ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certification