MR. BROWN Milk Tea


- Commodity characteristics
Brown three-in-one milk tea has a mellow, silky texture and a smooth taste. It is a kind of fragrant milk tea that allows consumers to taste the aftertaste in the cup and taste the heart.

- Product specifications

●This product contains dairy products.

●Preparation method: Pour the Brown Instant 3-in-1 into a cup and brew with 150CC of hot water to taste a cup of mellow Brown Instant 3-in-1.

- Product Name: Brown Milk Tea (Three in One)

- Ingredients: sugar, creamer powder (glucose syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, milk protein, emulsifier (fatty acid glycerides, mono- and di-fatty acid glycerides), potassium citrate, silicon dioxide, salt), instant Melting tea powder

Caffeine: 39mg/per serving (17g)

Net weight: 17 grams X30 bag

Shelf life: 24 months marked on the outer bag (year, month, day in the Western calendar)

Nutrition labeling: 17 grams per serving (81 calories, 0.4 grams protein, 3.1 grams fat, fat (2.7 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat), 12.9 grams carbohydrates, 22 mg sodium)