My First Tap and Learn: Taiwan City Maps


Children, do you know which cities are in Taiwan? What are the attractions, specialties, and snacks in these cities? Let’s explore and find the answer with the talking book of Taiwan’s cities!!!!! Features: 1.500 audio knowledge + 11 large The themes include six municipalities directly under the central government, other counties and cities, outlying islands, etc., and where to learn and enrich children's knowledge to build the emotion of the place of growth. 2. More than 300 Chinese and English words and cute illustrations of cultural knowledge + 140 interesting sound effects recorded by Taiwanese real people; it can attract preschool children to learn while playing, and create an interesting learning impression. 3. The operation is simple and the learning threshold is low. Press the start button to listen to any word you want to learn, and it is matched with function keys such as Chinese-English switching + game quiz; the learning effect is more effective.