My First Touch and Learn Book: Preschool Word Recognition (3 languages)

550 words ╳ Chinese, English and Taiwanese 3 languages ​​╳ 23 cognitive themes ╳ interactive games
Touch point to read audiobook
Point your finger there, learn to follow it!

Wow! Never worry about your reading pen malfunctioning or losing it again!
With just a touch of your finger, you can easily learn more than 550 common words. It is an indispensable self-learning book for children's bookcases!

● Cognitive themes:
Ninety-nine multiplication, phonetic ㄅㄆㄇ, seasonal months, greetings, animals, vegetables and fruits, etc. 23 cognitive themes close to life, including more than 550 commonly used words, with cute and delicate illustrations, easy to expand children's Vocabulary, while laying a multi-faceted cognitive foundation.

● Simple operation:
Switch between three languages ​​(Chinese, English, Taiwan) mode with one key, and invite professional foreign language recorders to record in English. The pronunciation is pure, so that children can be exposed to the correct trilingual listening and speaking from an early age, and they can learn easily while having fun.

● Interactive games:
Interactive quizzes in three languages, through the game "Find and Look", not only increase the fun of learning, but also greatly improve children's learning efficiency and memory!

● Thoughtful design:
Water-repellent paper + large format with rounded corners + adjustable volume + sensitive design with light pressure, allowing children to operate by themselves, automatically enter power-saving sleep mode after 60 seconds of no operation, and there will be a "child, are you still there?" in the middle. Trilingual voice reminds children to turn off!

[Self-study collection, good things to read together]
Children can easily learn by themselves without worries, and parents are not afraid of being questioned when they read with them.
The words you want to learn in the three languages ​​of China, English and Taiwan are all in the book.
Two books of the same series are in hand, learn to follow along!

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√  Pure pronunciation, Chinese, English and Taiwanese trilingual
√  Rich content with cute illustrations to enhance learning ability.
√  Interactive quiz game to cultivate memory.
√  Paper soft and rounded corner design, so you can feel at ease without hurting your hands.
√  Anti-splash and tear-resistant material, specially designed for children.