ON HAND : CHA TZU TANG Taiwan Incense Cedar Leaf Balancing Body Wash (330ml)


After a long day, feel refreshed and reinvigorated with the natural moisturizing features of camellia extracts.

CHA TZU TANG's Taiwan Incense Cedar Leaf Balancing Body Wash uses bitter tea glycosides extracted from this land and amino acid cleansing ingredients to gently remove grease and dirt.

The balanced formula based on Cedar Leaf Pure Lotion, combined with horsetail extract and bitter tea oil, rich in purifying and oil-controlling ingredients to regulate the skin's oil balance. With the essential oils of sweet orange, grapefruit and highland lavender, the cool cleansing formula brings a refreshing and refreshing feeling like a prairie, relaxing and soothing your body and mind after a hectic day, returning to the original, light and clean body.

Product specifications
Product Name: Taiwan Incense Cedar Leaf Balancing Body Wash Balancing Body Wash
Skin Type: oily and normal skin
Purpose: to cleanse and balance the skin's natural oils
Net Weight: 330 mL
Product size: L7 x W7 x H16.5 cm
Place of Origin: Taiwan