ON HAND : KOBAYASHI Lin's Handmade Cookies Waffle Bites (200g)


◆ No artificial coloring
◆ No artificial flavors added
◆ No preservatives added

Product name: Egg pancake 200g/pack
Brand: Kobayashi Pancake
product category :
Quantity: 200g
Storage method: room temperature
Contents (g/ml ): 20 grams per serving (this package contains 10 servings)
Food additives name:  
Place of Origin (fill in country-county-township in order): Taiwan
Vendor Name: Youqun Trading Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer Address: No. 3, Xinfu Third Street, Nantun District, Taichung City
Product expiration date: 240 days after the manufacturing period
Food business registration number:  
Product name: Egg pancake 200g/pack
◎ Specification: 200g
◎ Matters needing attention:
◎ Do not place in direct sunlight and humid places
◎ After unpacking, please use it as soon as possible to prevent deterioration
◎ The manufacturing date and expiration date, and the product ingredients are all marked on the box
◎ The product webpage is slightly different due to the shooting relationship, and the actual product is mainly shipped by the manufacturer.
◎ If there is any change in the copy of this product, please refer to the actual product as the standard