ON HAND: Red Sakura Butter Crispy Cakes


Cream shortbread cakes are a traditional delicacy in Dajia, Taiwan. Red Sakura Bakery is the first to create Dajia butter crispy cakes, which improves the issue wherein traditional butter shortbread cakes are too large and difficult to eat.

Using butter imported from New Zealand and top-selected maltose, the maltose filling is time-consuming and carefully cooked, with hand-made thin sticks to make layers of crispy cakes, the hearty sweet and soft filling, sweet but not greasy , There is also the aroma of milk sugar in the mouth.

Weight: 65 grams/piece

Shortbread: flour, malt, sugar, milk powder, cream, salt

Storage date: 60 days

Place of Origin: Taichung City, Taiwan

  • Please avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity environment.
  • There are no preservatives added to this product. To keep it fresh, please consume it as soon as possible within the tasting period.