ON HAND: Taiwan Cha Ren Honey Oolong Tea (75g)


Precision hand-roasted for 6 hours at a simmer, so that the tea leaves are lightly fermented during the roasting process.
The tea soup exudes a sweet and milky fragrance, soft and smooth, like a spring breeze.
Focus on consistent cultivation and tea making, and enjoy different levels of sweetness at will.

Content Tea species : "Jinxuan"  / Lightly fermented
Jinxuan is a tea tree variety bred from "Hard Branch Red Heart" and "Tainong No. 8 ". The tea
leaves are thick, fresh and tender. The taste is mouth-watering

◎Appearance: spherical
◎Tea soup: bright and golden
◎Aroma: sweet and milky
◎Taste: smooth and smooth