ON HAND: Vigor Kobo Milk Sun Cakes Gift Box


Vigor Kobo's milk sun cakes have a light and flaky, multi-layered crust and a rich malt filling, with its signature milky aroma which makes it stand out from other sun cake brands. 

The crust is made of French cream that gives it a light and crispy texture, and the sweet malt filling made from pure maltose. Whole milk is also added to the recipe, making each sun cake rich and creamy.

How to eat:
Edible at room temperature

Product information:
Size: about 80mm in diameter, 25mm in height (cake body)
10pcs Outer Box Size: Size: 24.2×10.2×8.4 cm
5 into the outer box size: size: 24.4 × 10.4 × 5.4 cm
Net weight: 50 grams ± 5 grams per serving
Origin: Taiwan
※The contents of the gift box of this product are individually packaged
※There is an occasional color difference between the photo and the actual product, please refer to the actual product.
Storage and consumption:
Store unopened at room temperature, please consume within 2 months after receiving the product

Validity period:
Please follow the label on the outer box, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. This food is handmade without preservatives. Please taste it as soon as possible after purchase. Please consume it within the shelf life to ensure the freshness of the food.