One Hundred Things to Spot (Mandarin version; contains Zhuyin)


Step into different themed scenes and go treasure hunting together!
Look around, where are the cat and the mouse?
Follow the fun treasure hunt in each spread,
Learn numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, opposite words...
There are a total of 100 items in the book, can you find each one?
Read this thoughtfully designed and fun-filled treasure hunt picture book to guide preschoolers through the step-by-step learning of important cognitive and fundamental concepts in everyday life. The book changes various scenes, including forests, outer space, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens, seaside, zoos, amusement parks, etc., so that children can naturally integrate into them, learn to count, and recognize colors, shapes, sizes, You can also scan the QR CODE on the copyright page and learn to speak English along the way. Through scavenger hunts, children's observation, concentration, and key skills needed for life are developed in a fun and fun way. In addition, cats and mice are hidden on every page, so keep your eyes open and you will miss them if you are not careful!

●Book Features
★ How to use this book?
At the beginning, it starts with clear picture and text steps, along with the reader's instructions on how to use it, to help novice parents or companions lead their children to read this book happily.
★ Use the link of "scene + people and things" to impress children and get closer to life
Divided into 17 themed scenes, the "100 things" in the scene are presented step by step and more systematically. Each topic first introduces the scene with images and Chinese and English words (words), guides children to understand relevant people and things, and gradually increases (long) vocabulary and sentences; turn to the next page, and then combine the corresponding scene. , let the child naturally integrate into the situation, and guide the child to carry out each treasure hunt activity by asking questions.
★ Treasure hunt has many benefits
Through the various treasure hunt games in the book, cultivate children's concentration and observation, and increase the fun of reading together between parents and children!
★ Interactive mini-games: look for it, where are the cats and mice?
Cats and mice are hidden on every page of the book, waiting for the kids to find them!
★ Nurture children to see things from different perspectives
When you go to the zoo, you can not only look at the animals, but also observe the different patterns on the animals; when you go to the cafe, you can observe what is inside, which is different from your home or other places; everyone in the party has a different mood and feelings, you know why? This book presents a new way of thinking, allowing people to break free from their inherent habits and gain new insights from different perspectives.
★ Collection of "100 Things"
At the end of the book, there is a "Find 100 Things" activity that challenges children's memory and endurance.