Oolab Brand Logo Canvas Bag

By Oolab
Color: Cream
This brand logo bag has a thick, durable canvas that fits all Oolab tumbler sizes. It also has a front pocket that can fit your phone or other accessories you may need on the go. 

Cleaning guide:

• In order to keep the structure of the bag, do not wash it often.

• If the surface is dirty, it is recommended to use a wet cloth to wipe the surface.

• Do not rub it hard when cleaning to avoid folding or hairy balls.

• It's normal that the canvas will be a little small after being launched!

• Canvas bags will not be returned or exchanged after being launched.
• Please do not wipe it with bleach or volatile solvent to avoid causing the cloth to fade.

• Please do not iron or blowdry this product.

• Fabric characteristics. If there is moisture, please avoid rubbing on the clothes to prevent infection.