oooh Fragrance Sanitizer Spray with silicone case and keyring (30ml) - 8 scents

By oooh

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the oooh sanitizer spray (30ml) is your go-to solution for moisturizing your hands and hair on the go, and also allows you to indulge in a range of captivating scents.

With oooh's fragrance series, you can choose from eight delightful scents that suit your mood and preferences. From uplifting citrus notes to soothing floral bouquets and everything in between, each fragrance in the collection is carefully crafted to delight your senses.

Change the aroma according to your mood and enjoy a refreshing burst of fragrance with each application. The compact 30ml size and practical silicone case make it easy to carry multiple scents with you, allowing you to switch up your fragrance depending on the occasion or your personal preference.

Fragrance notes:

Lazy Afternoon (light brown)

Top notes: Green apple, bergamot

Middle notes: Cotton, lily of the valley

Base notes: White musk, cedar


Spring Sakura (light pink)

Top notes: Sicilian bergamot

Middle notes: Cherry blossoms, white roses

Base notes: Musk, cashmere wood

Lime White Tea (green)

Top notes: Lime, bergamot

Heart notes: White tea, green tea

Base notes: White musk, cedar


Ocean Drift (blue)

Top notes: pine needles, bergamot

Heart notes: sea salt, clary sage

Base notes: musk, driftwood


Preorders and Shipping Guidelines

Q: Is it normal that the capacity is only 80% full?
A: Yes! Considering that chemical substances are prone to thermal expansion and contraction, overfilling the contents may cause liquid leakage; therefore, the capacity of the container will be relatively large in design, so it is normal for it to be only 80% full.

Q: How many times can the bottle of be refilled?
A: The number of filling times varies depending on individual usage. Because the fragrance dry hand washing bottle is a consumable container like commercial dry hand
washing, it must be replaced when it is worn out. If you find problems such as water leakage, irregular nozzle, cracks in the bottle, etc., it means that the bottle is aging and its lifespan has expired. Please purchase new scented hand dryers and refill them.

Q: Can the bottle be filled with commercially available alcohol?
A: Yes! You can fill commercially available "75% unscented alcohol" by yourself; however, lotions, creams perfume, hypochlorous acid water, or
various non-alcoholic antibacterial liquids, antibacterial gels, etc., due to their complex ingredients, It may block the nozzle, or cause cracking due to the interaction between unknown ingredients and the alcohol in the bottle, so please do not fill it.

Q: Can children use this product?

A: Because the product contains fragrance, it can be used if the children in your family are not allergic to spices, essential oils, perfumes, etc. However, it is recommended that you spray a small amount of liquid into the child's palm to test before use, and confirm that there is no discomfort before use. However, if you experience redness, swelling, itching or other allergic reactions, please stop using it immediately and rinse your hands with plenty of water.