CHA TZU TANG Comfrey Balancing Shampoo + Cedar Leaf Balancing Body Wash Gift Set

₱2,850.00 ₱2,990.00

#Comfrey Balancing Shampoo: New Long-lasting Oil Control Formula - Control Oil with Oil
• 5a Esterified avocado oil and eucalyptus extract, reduce sebum secretion, regulate oil and water balance
• Comfrey extract can deeply repair the scalp and promote keratin metabolism
• Aloe vera extract infuses the scalp with moisturizing energy and relieves congestion

#小南 Leaf Balancing Shower Gel: #1000+ Over 4.5 Star Reviews by Members
• Xiaonan branch and leaf extract is rich in polyphenols, which can keep the skin young
• Ceylon cinnamon bark extract purifies pores and promotes keratin renewal and metabolism
• Ultra-fine and small-molecule bitter tea seed extract quickly penetrates the skin to remove oil, mildly moisturizing 

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