SENKA Perfect Aqua Bouncy Bright Mask (7 pcs)

₱920.00 PHP

[Bouncy x Brightening Double Formula] Releases skin fatigue, for bouncy & glowing bright skin.
Contains nourishing Royal Jelly extract & Sakura Essence* to instantly plump & brighten, leaving skin feeling refreshed, bouncy and glowing bright.
- Deep nourishing ingredient: Royal Jelly Extract
- Beauty Ingredient: Fuji Sakura Essence (Fuji Sakura leaf extract + Licorice Extract)
- Naturally derived white Cocoon Essence & Double Hyaluronic Acid
*Naturally derived white cocoon Essence is a highly pure moist ingredient extracted from a natural white cocoon (Sericin)
*Ethyl hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing)
- Fragrance Free, Colorant Free, Alcohol Free, Allergy tested (Not applicable to everyone)
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