SENKA Perfect Whip Berry Bright (100g)


SENKA Perfect Whip Berry Bright Facial Cleanser with Red Berries Complex + Japanese Yoshino Cherry Essence (For Healthier Brighter Skin)

Get your healthy blush back with the natural power of berries. It contains red beads that help to deep clean & gently exfoliate the skin to reveal a healthy bright blush
Signature & rich, luscious foam of SENKA is now formulated with red berries. This new triple-action formulation works to:

1. HEALTHY BLUSH: formulated with red berries mixture of raspberry and cranberry, energizes tired and dull skin.
2. BRIGHTEN: Nourishing and gentle formula with Japanese Yoshino Cherry Extract known for deep cleansing & removes blackheads, dead skin cells & impurities to reveal brighter skin
3. NOURISH: SENKA's gentle to skin, signature ingredients - White Cocoon Essence & Double Hyaluronic Acid - leaves skin nourished and supple.

Get Berry-Bright, Beautiful Bare Skin!