Sio-Sioh Kombucha


Sio-Sioh Kombucha is made of four simple ingredients: water, sugar, tea, and probiotics. Formulated by a professional team of kombucha enthusiasts in Taiwan, Sio-sioh Kombucha is most suitable to those trying out kombucha for the first time, with its smooth and light flavor.


★ Kombucha is a type of fermented drink made up of water, sugar, tea, and probiotics. Through a special fermentation process, the symbiotic bacteria are mixed with a sweet tea base, and the probiotics react to produce fermented tea, which gives the tea a natural sweet and sour taste.

★ In addition to its refreshing and sweet flavor, the beneficial source of the raw materials after fermentation (postbiotic) can create a favorable environment for the growth of good bacteria and help maintain the body's physiological functions!

◆ A bottle of Kombucha contains than 100 kcalories.

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