Stacksto x Leah Goren Storage Basket - Rose Florals - M (25L)


Stacksto x Leah Goren

Leah Goren is an illustrator from Southern California, USA. She has collaborated with several international brands such as Anthropologie, Penguin Random House, Macmillan Publisher, Nike and Kate Spade.

Leah Goren's art is subtle, unique, and has attracted a wide range of people, from adult women to small children. Leah's works are derived from sketches and watercolors and have colored Western life scenes, are also used in the Japanese interior scene.

Capacity: 25 Liters
Dimensions (cm): Width 33.5 (including handle 40.0) × Depth 33.5 × Height 29.5 (including handle 34.6)
Materials: Body: PE (polyethylene) 100% virgin Material label: PP (polypropylene) 
Heatproof temperature: 70°C
Cold temperature: -30°C
  • All sizes are outside dimensions.
  • Lid is sold separately.
  • There may be some dirt, scratches, etc. in the manufacturing or shipping process for imported goods, but it is a product that meets the inspection standards of the manufacturer, so there is no problem in use.
  • When using repeatedly, please be careful about how to put it on top for safety, such as putting an extremely heavy thing down.
  • If it is used on the side of the fire or in direct sunlight or in high temperature, it may become soft and deformed or it may cause discoloration due to the material characteristics.
  • Depending on how the load is applied, there is a possibility of cracking or breakage.