Stacksto x Jennifer Bouron Storage Basket - Animal Print - M (25L)


Stacksto x Jennifer Bouron

✰ Multi-purpose storage basket, maximize the use of space
✰ French flowers add romance to life

Flower illustrations designed by French illustrator Jennifer Bouron, colorful colors and cute patterns are full of healing charm. This time, it is transformed into a storage basket and placed in the corner of life, such as bedrooms, kitchens and game rooms, which are the most cluttered at home, or outdoor picnics and For camping, pack everything at once, making storage more fun! 
There is also a handle for easy movement. It is suitable for storing toys, clothes and daily necessities. The large opening and large capacity are super convenient!

With a special cover to avoid dust, it can also be stacked and placed in the corner
※ Storage box cover sold separately
※ A variety of styles are available

[About Stacksto in Japan]
 A super popular Japanese brand, the brand name comes from stackable storage , which means perfect storage that can be layered on top of each other! With a variety of storage products, the original intention of the design is to make the most effective and ingenious use of the small space common in Japan, to maximize the storage function, and one piece is multi-purpose, it can be used as a storage basket, laundry basket, resource recycling sorting box, etc. A variety of sizes and patterns also make storage a joy!
Stacksto Baquet combines Japanese organization styles and French design elements. This basket features an elegant yet practical design, with a comfortable handle and it's stackable, too. It is completely waterproof, allowing you to take it outdoors for gardening, picnics, or camping.

Add a unique touch of design in your everyday organization.

Dimensions: Length 33.5*width 33.5*height 29.2cm (without handle)

Origin: Made in Japan

Precautions for use: Please be careful if it is used near fire, in direct sunlight or in a place of high temperature; the material may soften and deform or cause discoloration.