Starbucks Sakura 2023 Limited Stainless Steel Handle Cup (405ml)



Cup body: AISI304 Stainless Steel

Cup lid: PCT Tritan, Silicone

Heat-resistant temperature: 95 C


Usage Guidelines

Please hand wash, not suitable for microwave ovens, washing (drying) dishwashers. Do not hold dry ice, carbonated drinks. Do not hold acidic beverages to avoid damage to the steel and affect heat preservation. Please note that the decals of this product may gradually soften the surface due to human factors such as daily habits (such as using hand cream or spraying alcohol on the hands and not fully volatilizing), resulting in partial shedding, etc. Please avoid it.
The relevant spare parts of this product (including bottle caps and silicone gaskets, etc.) cannot be purchased separately or provided for free.