Starbucks Summer 2023 Yellow Florals Tumbler (355ml)

Material: Cup body-styrene-propylene plastic (SAN), cup lid-polypropylene (PP), silicone (SI), polyamide (PA)
Capacity: 355ml
Country of Origin: China
Heat-resistant temperature: 90 degrees C
It refers to the temperature of the product measured according to the heat resistance test of the "Conformity Test Method for Heat Resistance Temperature Labeling of Plastic Food Utensils and Containers". That is,
the product body is placed in an incubator for one hour, then taken out and allowed to cool at room temperature for 30 The temperature at which the product will not deform after minutes.
Instructions for use:
●The lid of this product is specially designed for this Starbucks* coffee tumbler and is not suitable for use with other beverage cups.
● Do not hold carbonated drinks, and do not soak the cup body in water.
• This product can be used to hold hot drinks, please be careful with the temperature when using it. In order to achieve the best use effect, please make sure that the lid of the cup is closed and tightened when using this product or drinking drinks from the cup.
* When closing the cup lid, if there is a hot drink in the cup, the opening device can be opened to release the pressure caused by the steam of the hot drink in time.
• Please hand wash. Before using this product, please clean it with neutral detergent. Do not use detergents containing bleach or chlorine. Please use softer items for cleaning to avoid scratching the surface.
When cleaning the lid, please keep the lid open
Do not use in microwave ovens, dish dryers, ovens, steam ovens and dishwashers. Do not freeze this item.
Do not overfill hot drinks to avoid overfilling and causing burns.
• Please note that the surface of the decals on this product may gradually soften due to daily habits and other human factors (including contact after use of hand cream and alcohol-containing disinfectant cleaners, etc.),
resulting in peeling off.
When containing hot drinks, keep out of the reach of children.
• The buckle design helps slow down the spillage of drinks when this product is accidentally tipped over, so be sure to press the buckle to the closed position.
This product is not completely leak-proof and the possibility of slight leakage cannot be ruled out.
• Parts related to this product (including lids, gaskets, etc.) cannot be sold separately or provided free of charge. If you have any questions about your purchase or product, you can contact us by calling the customer service hotline
Importer: Youlu Lifestyle Co., Ltd. Contracted manufacturer: Starbucks Corporation
Importer's address: 9th Floor, No. 8 Dongxing Road, Songshan District, Taipei City Contracted manufacturer's address: 2401 Utah Ave. South, Seattle, WAg8134.U.S.A.
Customer service hotline: 0800-000-482
Contracted manufacturer phone number: 1-800-782-7282
Manufacturing date: (Year/Month/Day)