Starbucks x LINE FRIENDS Taiwan TOGO cold tumbler (24oz)


Material: Cup body - AISI 304 stainless steel, inner and outer lid - polypropylene (PP), silicone ring
Origin : China
Heat-resistant temperature: 95 degrees C


The inner cup cover has functions such as blocking tea leaves, please be sure to keep the inner cup cover, please do not remove it and store it carefully to avoid affecting the tightness, or causing the cup cover to not be used normally. Please hand wash, not suitable for microwave ovens, ovens, dishwashers and dryers. Do not soak in water and freeze, and do not contain carbonated beverages.


Taiwan limited joint series products! More collectible value!
Product features introduction:
Let's start a beautiful day with coffee with the lovely Xiong Da, Tutu and Sally, explore the ecological beauty of Taiwan's treasure island, taste the famous local delicacies, and appreciate the true nature of Taiwan , goodness, beauty, collect the beauty in travel.

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