Starbucks x STANLEY Mid-Autumn 2023 Limited Collection Starry Night Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw (473ml)


[Commodity ingredients/food additives/nutrition label]
Cup body - AISI304 stainless steel; lid, straw - modified PCT (Tritan),
transfer plate - polypropylene (PP), sealing ring - silicone (Silicone)

473 ml

Heat-resistant temperature: 95 degrees C
1. Please remove the straw before filling hot drinks.
Do not use straws to drink hot drinks to avoid burns. And please keep the straws properly.
2. Please hand wash, not suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers (dryers).
3. Do not soak in water and do not freeze.
4. Do not hold drinks containing dairy products or juices for a long time.
5. Consider that the straw has a sharp shape and is not suitable for children to use alone.
6. This product is not completely leak-proof, please use it with caution.