Sugar and Spice Butter Swirl Cookies Gift Tin Box (16 pcs / 200g)


Sugar and Spice's butter cookies with rich buttermilk flavor gives you the purest loyalty to the original flavor. Insisting on not using artificial cream, adding a bit of water, constant temperature and humidity, this technique locks all the essence in each cookie. The savory milky aroma gives a mouthwatering taste and leave you wanting more.

Size Specification:
18×18×4.8cm (L×W×H)
Shelf life:
21-30 days upon delivery
Net weight:
12.5g per cookie / 200g per box
Sugar & Spice insists on not adding additives such as curing agent and preservative. Therefore, the product will change the shape and hardness of the product depending on the temperature at the place where it is placed. It will become hard and will crack easily in low temperature. This is normal physical phenomena and you can consume with a peace of mind.