Sugar and Spice Peanut Crisps


Peanut Crisps 150-250g

Strictly selected peanuts that are rich and rich in the ground, wrapped in crisp icing, sweet but not greasy peanuts, each is a crispy taste that melts in your mouth!

Sugar & Spice Delicious Insists

Natural, Healthy and Emphasis on the Selection of Natural Ingredients
We carefully choose ingredients imported from France, Europe and the U.S. and compliment them with fresh local ingredients from Taiwan.

Absolute Freshness Fully Implemented
Fresh quality has always been a quality. Sugar& Spice takes pride in. In average, it takes less than 24 hours sell each product.

Virtuosic and innovative baking skills satisfying the taste buds of connoisseurs!
In order to continuously offer different selections of candy, cake and desserts to the consumers, founder and her main chef go for research in Europe, the U.S. and Japan.