Sunny Hills x Hi-Walk Banana Egg Rolls with free Canvas Bag (Pack of 5)

₱900.00 ₱990.00

Sunny Hills collaborates with Hi-Walk, Taiwan's No.1 Egg Roll Brand for a limited edition product: Banana egg rolls. This product is inspired by the sea that surrounds Formosa's rugged mountain, which brings you the unique hand-rolled egg rolls made with high-mountain bananas.

High-mountain bananas are special because they are grown under the high noon sun and cold nights, slowly developing a rich aroma that sets them apart from other bananas. Egg rolls are mixed with cocoa butter to create a smooth, velvety texture that bursts with flavor and wrapped with HiWalk's classic handmade egg roll, renowned for its thick, dense, and crispy texture.

We do not add any water or milk, so you can enjoy the rich banana flavor in this symphony of taste and texture that's impossible to resist. Indulge in the rich, crispy egg roll that highlights the unique taste of our high-mountain bananas. Order now and experience the taste of Taiwan's finest.

Detailed description

  • Contents: banana cocoa butter (banana, cocoa butter, sugar), egg, cream, flour, sugar, almond, salt
  • Net weight: 150 grams

  • Storage method and precautions
  • Storage period: 60 days
  • The storage period includes the number of days of production and distribution, and the validity period is mainly marked according to the outer box.
  • Based on the date of arrival, it is valid for at least 30 days.
  • Avoid placing wet, high-temperature or exposed places.
  • This product contains gluten grains (flour), eggs, dairy products and nuts.