Sunny Hills Banana Puzzle Waffle Cookies (pack of 8)


Surrounded by mountains and rolling hills in the central part of Taiwan, relying on rainwater irrigation and the temperature difference between day and night, the bunches of bananas on the hillside slowly nurture the unique solidity and sweetness of the meat. The sweet and tart bananas bring out the rich fruity aroma, mixed with the cocoa butter filling to add a smooth texture to the soft waffle.

Make a cup of black coffee, hang the playful cake on the edge of the cup, and let the warmth of the coffee soften the filling slightly. A sip of black coffee, a sip of Hill Banana, the taste of bittersweet bananas, dancing between the lips and teeth!

Detailed description

Contents: Flour, Sugar, Cream, Banana, Cocoa Butter, Egg, Almond Flour, Fresh Cream, Hazelnut, Milk, White Chocolate,


  • Shelf life 120 days at room temperature
  • The shelf life includes the number of days of production and delivery, and the expiration date is based on the label on the outer box.
  • Avoid places where it is humid, high temperature or exposed to the sun.

  • Precautions
  • This product does not contain preservatives. To keep fresh, please consume it as soon as possible.
  • This product contains gluten grains (flour), eggs, dairy, nuts.