TK Food Sweet Potato Cube Crisps 520g

By TK Food

T.K. FOOD Sweet Potato Cube Crisps 520g

Purple heart sweet potatoes are rich in essential minerals and are more nutritious than traditional sweet potatoes.
Rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and anthocyanins, purple heart sweet potatoes keep you full of health and vitality.
Sweet potato is a natural and healthy green food that modern Taiwanese often eat because of its dense taste and satiety.
Purple Heart Sweet Potato, the most nutritious and rich in dietary fiber, is paired with a solid and crispy taste.
Not only give you delicious cube cakes, but also take into account health.
Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere while you eat, and pair it with tea and coffee for an added flavor.

Packed in cubic jars for a fresher look.

You can enjoy it right after opening the package. The more you eat, the smoother your mouth is.

As long as the lid is locked, it can be stored in a cool place. It is the most suitable snack for work and home life.