TAIWAN CHA REN Black Tea 75g

₱810.00 PHP

Specially hired nationally certified tea appraisers to check, the deep mellowness comes from the pure and zero-pollution fertile red soil.
The elegant black tea is mellow, bright and retro, immersed in intriguing memories.
There are moments when you don't want to move forward, so why not just let yourself remember the past?

Content Tea species : "Jinxuan Black Tea"   / Lightly fermented
Jinxuan is a tea tree variety bred from "Hard Branch Red Heart" and "Tainong No. 8 ".
Elegant light milk and floral fragrance, like tasting the whole mountain in the mouth Gan Chun Shun Ho
is processed in the way of black tea

◎Appearance: Loose tea strips
◎Tea soup: rosy and clear
◎Aroma: Refreshing and honey-scented
◎Taste: Sweet and smooth

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