TAIWAN CHA REN Jade Oolong 75g

₱810.00 PHP

The varieties that have been improved by the tea factory, the
cool climate makes the tea green, vigorous and active, with elegant flower fragrance, and the end of the throat is soft.
From fresh sensory shocks to quiet tastes, the journey embarks on a new destination, and
the scenery along the way gathers into a tangy aroma that blooms lightly on the tip of the tongue.

Content tea species : "Cuiyu Oolong"   / lightly fermented
Taiwan tea No. 13 small-leaf species, tender stems with high water content and
clear tea soup and curling tea fragrance, as if stepping into the tranquility of Taiwan's tea mountain

◎Appearance: loose tea strips
◎Tea soup: golden yellow and elegant
◎Aroma: Jasmine, magnolia
◎Taste: smooth throat

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