TAIWAN CHA REN Mellow Oolong 75g

₱810.00 PHP

The calm adult taste contains obvious alpine gas and has pectin, fruit sweet aroma,
excellent tea, strong but not astringent, refreshing and sweet.
People may be separated for a long time, but tea will not.
After a few brews, the finish is still full, and the color of the tea soup is still beautiful;
the longer the time, the more you can taste the sweetness and smoothness of its essence, and it will be stably in the throat.

Contents : "Wuyi tea"   / After semi-fermented
picking, spread it out , that is, shake it after drying ; stir- fry , bake, and pick until it emits a strong
aroma . ”, known in the world as long, steady and sweet, bringing the sweetness and fermented aroma of tea into full play.

◎Appearance: loose tea strips
◎Tea soup: bright and golden
◎Aroma: Magnolia flower, wild flower  

◎Taste: refreshing and sweet

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