TAIWAN CHA REN Rouge Oolong 75g

₱810.00 PHP

A red oolong with a bright amber color and a focus on roasting, it combines the rich and mellow flavor of oolong with the sweet and refreshing taste of black tea,
and is rich in bright and light ripe fruit aroma.
Jie Ao's unruly soul also has the loneliness of walking alone. "Embrace this feeling!" The
chivalrous person said that learning to live in peace with it is a must-have practice in this life.

Content Tea Type : "Four Seasons Red Oolong"   / Whole fermented
appearance resembles the spherical appearance of Oolong, the color of the brewed soup is orange-red, but when tasted, it has a sweet Oolong taste, which is hidden like a chivalrous person. unexpected

◎Appearance: spherical
◎Tea soup: bright red color
◎Aroma: light ripe fruit
◎Taste: mellow and refreshing

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