THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil Gel


The comfortable rhythm starts from cleansing.

A new cleansing oil gel that even removes environmental pollutants.


Cleansing is the first step to good health. Cleansing your skin is like taking a look at the environment surrounding you and then purifying it.

In addition to makeup, excess sebum and dirt in the pores, the oil gel cleanser removes impurities so minute that they are invisible to the eye.


With the triple effect of blended botanical oil, white clay and argan shell scrub, the formula leaves the skin pristine, clear and healthy.


With a texture like custard cream, the gel turns into weightless oil once applied to the skin, and gently removes impurities from makeup, excess sebum and clogged pores, as well as eliminating roughness and dullness of the skin.

Without disrupting the moisture balance of water, oil and natural moisturizing factors, it clarifies the complexion and evens out the skin tone, leaving the skin supple, healthy and resistant to roughness and dehydration.


<How to use>


Take an adequate amount (the size of a cherry) on dry hands, and warm it lightly by spreading it to the fingertips.

Gently cover the nose with the palms, and slowly take three deep breaths before applying the oil gel to the skin. Massage in from the center of the face (midline) outward, using small strokes. When the touch of the fingertips becomes lighter, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, making sure to remove any residue of the scrub. Avoid areas around the eyes.



[Essential oils]
Frankincense oil / Geranium oil / Bergamot fruit oil / Mandarin orange peel oil / Lavandin oil
[Oils and fats]
Tea seed oil / Field mustard seed oil / Camelina sativa seed oil / Olive oil / Jojoba oil / Shea butter
Tea flower extract / Arjuna extract / Cactus flower extract / Carrot root extract
[Scrub / clay]
Argan shell / White clay