TOP DRY Dried Garlic clove

By Top Dry
- " TOPDRY " provides snack foods made through low-temperature vacuum slow frying technology. Coupled with centrifugal de-oiling treatment , the natural color and aroma of the ingredients are completely retained. It can also reduce the degree of fat deterioration , `` TOPDRY '', a new taste without burden. While enjoying the delicious food , you also eats nutrition and health .


- Different from the stereotype of fried snack food in the past ,

- Unique crisp cool taste , people always can not help but eat a few bites again! You can't forget the garlic ! Garlic was originally just a supporting role for each dish ~ Top Dry never think so !

- Garlic is known as the god of health protection, and its nutritional value is higher than that of ginseng. It can be said to be the first health care.

- The garlic after being deep-fried at low temperature and vacuum gives off a thick garlic fragrance.

- The color is golden and full, the taste is crispy and crisp, removes the choking feeling, and retains the natural aroma of garlic.

- The salty aroma makes you one by one, subverting the new way of eating garlic,

- The garlic that you have never eaten before is a brand-new snack to open up your five senses.

- Friends who are afraid of the spicy feeling of garlic, don't miss the garlic, it is unexpected.

- Let everyone know how good garlic is for the human body !

- Now don't worry about peeling too much trouble ! I won't let you just have to deal with the big trouble of garlic !

- Now just open the garlic , a jar full of crispy garlic ! Eat as much as you want ! Definitely let you bite by bite !

 - Weight: 45g ± 5% ( per can )