TOP DRY Dried Garlic Shrimp

By Top Dry

- Garlic is known as the health protection god, and its nutritional value is higher than that of ginseng. It can be said to be the first of health care.

- Fresh white shrimp and garlic are combined with centrifugal de-oiling treatment, which is different from traditional fried snack foods. The taste is crispy and not greasy. Lock the umami taste and retain the natural nutrition 

- Special low-temperature vacuum drying technology, no extra additions, the most comfortable eating, adults and children love it

- [Name] imidazol shrimp garlic 

- Ingredients shrimp, garlic, salt, palm oil 

- [Origin] Taiwan 

- [Weight] 25g ± 5% ( per pack ) X10 into


 This product contains shrimp and its products, and is not suitable for people with allergies.

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