TSUJIRI Matcha Milktea 22g (30 packs)


- Tsujiri Tea Shop was founded in Kyoto in 1860. After a hundred years of tea-making technology, it is second to none.

- The tea powder imported from Japan is used, with a strong tea fragrance and a sweet end rhyme.

- The special bottle shape makes the Tsujiri matcha more tasteful.

- Hand bag design, easy to carry.

- Drink hot or cold, add ice cubes to make matcha milk sorbet, add flavor to ice desserts.

- Commodity weight: 660 grams

- Product size: W26.5 X H33.5 X D8cm

- Creamer (glucose syrup, fully hydrogenated palm kernel oil, milk protein, dipotassium hydrogen phosphate, sodium polyphosphate, fatty acid glycerides, mono- and di-fatty acid diacetyl tartrate, silicon dioxide, β-carotene), glucose , Sugar, Tsujiri Matcha powder, green tea powder, whole milk powder, tea extract (green tea powder, yellow gardenia pigment, gardenia blue pigment, malt extract powder, silicon dioxide), sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, flavor

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