SUNNY HILLS Apple Cakes Box of 10 (with free canvas bag)

Ruby apples from the foot of Mt. Iwaki in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, grow in "Tsugaru Fuji" with cool weather and little rainfall, and have a sweet and sour fragrance.

Co-developed by the Taiwanese and Japanese teams, the candied slow-cooking makes the sweet and sour fruit and the crispness of the diced fruit perfectly encapsulated in the dark red applesauce.

A puff pastry kneaded with Japanese flour, French cream and healthy-raised Fresh Egg®, an earthy recipe with no artificial additions.

A layer of frosting as thin as snow, with a little lemon flavor, sweet but not greasy fragrance, gives a new experience of apple desserts.

Edible Reminders
This product uses natural ingredients (apples). During the production process, there will be a small amount of fruit pits mixed into the filling. After eating, it will not affect the body. You can pick it out and eat it.

Detailed description

  • Contents: Apple, Flour, Cream, Sugar, Egg, Condensed Milk, Milk Powder, Cheese Powder, Lemon Juice, Water, Salt

  • storage method
  • Shelf life: 45 days
  • The shelf life includes the number of days of production and delivery, and the expiration date is based on the label on the outer box.
  • Avoid places where it is humid, high temperature or exposed to the sun.

  • Precautions
  • This product does not contain preservatives. To keep fresh, please consume it as soon as possible.
  • This product contains gluten grains (flour), eggs, dairy products.