Vigill Feminine Mousse - Soothing Chamomile (150ml)

By Vigill

  • Product Features
    • Skin-friendly and delicate small molecule foam deeply cleanses the skin, easily removes dirt, but does not take away moisture
    • Weak acid pH3.5 long-lasting weak acid formula, a soft mousse specially designed for private and delicate skin
    • No harsh ingredients commonly found in traditional lotions: preservatives (Paraben, MI/MCI free) and surfactants (SLS, SLES free)
    • Add cranberry extract to strengthen the protection of the acid barrier of the private skin, and take care of the delicate and sensitive private skin
    • Soft and deep moisturizing maintenance, increase skin smoothness and delicate feeling
    • Pure tea tree essential oil, strengthen the net smell protection, give the private skin an instant natural and fresh feeling
    • Cranberry Acidic Protection
    • Skin-friendly bubbles, soft and clean wash. Moisturize.
    • Soft and moisturizing. Cranberry Boost Recipe
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