Vigill Feminine Wash - Aloe Vera (220ml)

By Vigill
  • Product Features
    • pH3.5 long-acting formula, shower gel specially designed for delicate skin of the genitals
    • No irritating ingredients: soap, preservatives and surfactants, hypoallergenic tested, suitable for sensitive skin
    • Protective lactic acid helps maintain the weak acidic and healthy physiological environment of the genitals and enhances the natural protective power
    • Moisturizing and adding aloe vera liquid highly moisturizing soothing power, skin-friendly and moisturizing soft texture, refreshing after washing, not dry, soft and moisturizing
    • Pure Australian tea tree essential oil, strengthens the net smell protection, gives the private skin an instant natural and fresh feeling
    • Soft and moisturizing
    • Maintain healthy weak acid in private parts