WEILI Lao Weng Beef noodles

By Weili

- 3 packs/bag

- Product description

Lao urn is an urn as a cooking vessel, so it is famous and famous in the area of ​​Yingge. Through the unique cuisine of the old urn, the rich and tangy fragrance attracts the taste buds of neighbors.

The popular saying "good wine Chen urn base" represents this essence and deliciousness. Therefore, the cuisine of "Lao Weng Beef Noodles" is the same. With Lao Weng Braised Beef as the main axis, in addition to increasing the product's rich flavor and richness, the cuisine is extremely flavorful, providing consumers with another new choice.

(Note: At present, each bowl is accompanied by the familiar "pesto and golden pepper" free package, which adds to the favorite of the gluttons)