WOKY Cha Cha Wok Uncoated Nonstick Deep Frying Pan (with brush and lid holder) (32cm)


Important note:

This product can be used over gas stovetops and black crystal furnaces/electric ceramic stoves

This product cannot be used with:

- IH (induction heating) stoves and induction cookers

- ovens and microwave ovens

- dishwashers and dishdryers

Stay rooted in the present with a sense of culture and create the future with beautiful design.

The Woky Cha Cha Wok frying pan is inspired by the delicious frying wok in childhood memories of Taiwanese people.

Crafted with anode pores refined for reduced oil volume, Woky Cha Cha Wok, designed and manufactured in Taiwan, is equipped with features that make it suitable to use with any type of spatula or brush.

  • Shatter-resistant safety glass lid 
  • No coating and non-stick, suitable for all kinds of spatulas/brushes
  • Refined anode pores, where oil volume can be reduced by 20%
  • SGS certification: passed 61 tests for absence of PFAS chemicals
  • Awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2022



Inner diameter: 32cm, Outer diameter: 33cm, Handle length: 18cm

Depth: 9cm, Height with lid: 9cm, Lid: 19cm, Total Length: 54cm






Lid: 890g ±5%

Pan: 1200g ±5%



Body: gravity-cast aluminum alloy

Lid: glass and silicone

Body and lid handles: Bakelite™ 


Made in Taiwan

Note: The lid is made of safety glass. Do not lock the handle too tightly, which may cause it to break. Always handle with care.