YI CHANG Goji Berry


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Contents: wolfberry
net weight, volume or quantity: 200g
Ingredients: wolfberry
Shelf life: 8 months

How to eat wolfberry : eating wolfberry is not only for winter tonic use! The following teach you a few ways to use wolfberry food

1. Goji chrysanthemum fruit tea

*Put the apples and pears into dices, put them in a pot, pour water, and

boil Boil on low heat for 15 minutes, then rinse a little chrysanthemum and wolfberry with water,

add a little rock sugar to the pot and cook for 5 minutes to turn off the heat.

You can also skip the rock sugar, add a little honey after cooking and let it cool a bit!

2. Rock sugar wolfberry white fungus

* After washing the white fungus, soak and tear it into small flowers and put the wolfberry into a pot with water, and the

water will be stuffy after boiling Cook for 30 minutes, (preferably turn off the heat for 30 minutes) and add rock sugar until it melts.

3. Steamed eggs with wolfberry

*Wash the wolfberry first, soak the mushrooms and cut into small cubes, then take a steaming bowl, put the egg and stir evenly.

Then add the wolfberry, shiitake mushrooms, and seasoning together with the egg and stir, add steam Just steam it in the pot until cooked.

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